Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sorenka Artwork - Grand Opening

Anyway I finally start this..

Ever since 2007 I have been fascinated by ball-jointed dolls. I adopt my first doll, Rion, in July 2010 and I am addicted to doll faceup. It is just fascinating how the face will seem very different with faceup alone, combined by wig and clothing and mods, I realize that bjd customization has no limit >w< Now, I'm the proud 'mother' of seven dolls XD Well, some of them ain't complete yet, but I plan to complete them one day *and keep saving to adopt my other grail dolls*~ ♥

Two years practicing, I'm ready to present my artwork and service to the community~ I do hope to beautify more and more dolls, and hopefully they receive my artwork ^^

Or, for DoA members, feel free to drop by my page in the customization section:

During the grand opening, all service is free! ♥
At least until I decide to limit the free service~

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