Friday, May 31, 2013

Sorenka Artwork's 1st Anniversary Giveaway START!~

Time flies by, it has been one year I have done dollie faceup commercially.
I first opened my shop in June 2012. It has its ups and downs, trial and errors, happiness and regrets. I got new friends and customers, handled new dolls, faced problems and challenges, but most importantly: I got a valuable experience during this one year (´・ω・`)

So, to celebrate, I want to do a little giveaway! ♥
This event is open to local (Indonesia) and international participants (≧▽≦)ゞ

To join, drop by THIS POST at my newly-launched website

Will wait for your participation~~
Jessica (Sorenka Artwork)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2 more weeks....


Sorenka Artwork's 1st Anniversary Giveaway

SOON on June 01.2013

with tons of prizes~

Time's ticking, can't believe it is two more weeks until my shop's anniversary~

Friday, April 26, 2013

May Slot Opened + Sorenka Artwork giveaway sponsors~

Hello everyone~ Up to four slots for May are open, and two are available for bookings! Contact me for slot bookings ^_^
- Fantasydoll Amber

- Soom Bygg
Also, I will be on hiatus during May 1-5, and May 25-June, so contact me before or after that time range :D

Also, in case you haven't known, I plan to conduct a giveaway event as it is approaching Sorenka Artwork and Craft's 1st anniversary which will fall this June 2013 ^^ Drop by my FB page for more information and to tell me ideas of giveaway prizes

- dolly wigs?
- dolly clothes?
- dolly accessories? (specify)
- or do you have other ideas? :D

And of course, prize donations are much appreciated ♥ ^_^/
Benefits include: your shop's / service name will be promoted alongside mine in every social media and group during this giveaway event :D (Contact me for further discussion ♥)

Here are Sorenka Artwork and Craft giveaway event's current sponsors list! ♥

1. D'Poupeé
(Doll stuffs for dollie lovers ♥)

2. Kelishop Shoppie
(Crochet Craft)

3. KUSO Regroup: (
(Taobao service)

4. Bow N Button : (
(Bow and button, craft material shop, doll accessories)

5. Kiute Miute, Amigurumi made by Yana Arina
(cute amigurumi shop)

6. Riny Fashion Dolls - Indonesia Princess Doll - Indonesia Princess Doll
(doll clothes and accessories)

7. Little Miss Joanna - Little Miss Joanna
(doll accessories and craft)

8. Aoi Ayanami -
(digital art commissioner, graphic designer, manga illustrator, bjd accessories and faceup artist)

9. Espoir Dream - Espoir Dream
(doll clothes and accessories)

10. The Im Studio
(Obitsu doll shop, one stop shop mangaka tools and supplies)
Thank you for your donation and participation :D
If there are more who would like to donate prize, PM me ^_^/
Deadline for sponsors application will be May 15 :)

11. Yessyca Erina
(doll hobbyist, accessories maker)

p.s: Enjoy this hunky pic of Phonolus~~


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mid April slot is taken ♥ Closed temporarily~

Mid April slot is taken ♥ Thank you for your support! ^_^

- Volks Ryoya Konoe (in progress)
- Volks YOSD Kanon (in progress)
- Fairyland MNF Chloe (on the way)
- Volks YOSD Kira (on the way)
- Lati Yellow Lumi (awaiting arrival)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mid-April slot is open :)

I will open two more slots for mid-April! Contact me here or via waterlily_kiss (at)
p.s: Blackberry pin are on request ♥

For now, here's the waiting list for the first week of April:

- Fairyland MNF Chloe (to be confirmed)
- Volks YOSD Kira (to be confirmed)
- Volks Ryoya Konoe (on the way)
- Body tattoo for Soom Shoshon (delayed personal project)