Info & Procedure

♥ Materials I use:

- Volks Zoukeimura, Mungyo, and Faber Castell pastel
- Derwent and Faber Castell watercolor pencil
- Pentel watercolor paint
- Tamiya color enamel gloss
- Crobidoll shine pearl powder
- Mr. Super Clear Flat / UV Cut Flat (depends on my stock)
- Mr. Color Thinner

I am sorry, I can't use acrylic paint >.< Maybe later I will open an airbrush option.

♥ Duration:

May vary. If I am free from art commissions, I can finish it within 1 week.
But if I'm busy it will take 1 month, but either way I will notify you.

♥ Procedure

1. PM me the Commission Form (can be found in Commission tab above) through DoA / Twitter / Flickr / FB Page / to
2. After getting my confirmation, I will put your name in the empty slot. Take a look at the Latest Update section in the right box in my blog or in DoA
3. Send your head + cap with facemask AND/ OR parts to me.
4. If you want, you can send me the eye, the wig and lashes to be attached too ^^
5. I will wait until the package reach me, and please pay my fee in full.
6. After you complete the payment I will do your doll faceup. It will be done on a first-come-first serve basis.
7. Progress faceup will be uploaded through Twitter only.
8. I will upload the completed faceup / tattoo / mani-pedi in Flickr / FB page
8. After the confirmation about the faceup, you can send me the remaining fee + shipping fee and I'll send your head back home.
9. If not, I will do any revisions needed / clean up the head then ship it back to you

10. Only one time full-revision (with 50% faceup fee) is allowed. No revision for manicure-pedicure

♥ Other things you may concern:

1. Please understand that I am still learning (。≧O≦)ノ。
I will do my best to interpret your wish and imitate the color pallette from your references, but my faceup will not be perfect. There will always be minor imperfections, dusts etc.

Also, if you are looking for a perfect symmetrical faceup with exactly identical amount of lash stroke or lipline, please delete me from your mind.

2. I can only redo faceup and tattoo for 1 time for each head / parts, but no redo for manicure / pedicure.

3. Challenge me for any types of faceup! (●^o^●)
I am most comfortable doing natural faceup, but I want to try other type of faceup too, whether it be goth, pale, beautiful, fantasy, I'm up for all challenge. Including tattoos! Provide as many references as possible (≧▽≦)ゞ

4. However please note that I don't want to copy other artists' work.
Not only because of copyright issue, but also due to skill level. 

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